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As I have written in one of my recent written columns, Lent is the Old English word for spring. Just as spring is a time for cleaning out the clutter of our homes and looking forward to brighter skies and warmer days, so it is during the Lenten spring cleaning of our souls,

After all, Jesus didn't just say "if you pray, fast and give alms", he said "when you fast, when you pray, when you give alms" (from Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21). He doesn't specify how we fast, how we give alms or what form of prayer is the only way to pray. Rather, we are called to come to a place of solitude, step away a bit from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, and reflect within, as did Our Lord in the desert, what are the great temptations with which we have to wrestle. Each one of us have our own unique demons or addictions that set to trip us up.  Read More

Father Charles Morris

St. Mary's of Redford Mission Statement

The mission of St. Mary's of Redford Parish is to respond to the emerging needs of people through empowerment, advocacy and ministry. Through our combined talents we strive to serve God and His creation.

We seek to change all aspects of the world that are contrary to the teachings of Jesus, and which are within our power to change. We accept those things that we cannot change, and we pray for the wisdom and knowledge to know the difference.

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St. Mary's 2017 Children's Mass

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