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Welcome Message from the Pastor


I want to welcome you to Saint Mary of Redford Parish. As you enter our doors you may notice our beautiful church designed in the Norman Romanesque style. As foreign guests have told us, it rivals any church in Europe in terms of exquisite beauty. And, according to the experts at Michigan State University, the quality of our stained-glass windows in terms of its artistry is unparalleled anywhere in the State of Michigan.

When you attend Mass here, you may notice our lively liturgies, which offers the best of a Catholic tradition with some of the boundless energy of gospel, befitting of our historic urban setting. Observe more carefully when you enter our doors or read this website, and you will be struck by all the activities of a lively parish — from socials such as our annual spring fling and parish picnic, to works of outreach among the neediest among us. You may notice that everyone participates, regardless of race, whether they are 15 years old or 85.  Read More

Fr. Charles Morris

St. Mary of Redford Mission Statement

The mission of St. Mary of Redford Parish is to respond to the emerging needs of people through empowerment, advocacy and ministry. Through our combined talents we strive to serve God and His creation.

We seek to change all aspects of the world that are contrary to the teachings of Jesus, and which are within our power to change. We accept those things that we cannot change, and we pray for the wisdom and knowledge to know the difference.

175th Anniversary Mass

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Rain Garden at St. Mary of Redford

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St. Mary's 2018 First Communion

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St. Mary's 2017 Children's Mass

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