by Rosemarie & Steve Milles


  • The new high school gym being paid off;
  • Fr. Sheryer as pastor;
  • Mgsr. Hickey as pastor emeritus;
  • Sr. Maxine as principal of the Grade School;
  • Srs. Kate and Joan as co-principals of the Jr. High;
  • Dog in residence, Winky;
  • Main Altar and communion rails;
  • Ernie Peters as Chair Director and Organist;
  • All Men's Chair numbering 25-30;
  • A succession of "in residence" priests completing their studies at U of D Emil Anderson, Joe Bilgreen, Tom Champeaux;
  • Parish activities such as the annual Fall Festival, Boblo Picnic, New Year's Eve Galas, Halloween Parties, St. Patty's Dances;
  • Mother's Club activities included hot dog lunches, annual rummage sale, arts and crafts show, service auctions;
  • Dad's Club activities included bingo, Lenten Fish Frys, musicals such as "Has Grampa Gone to Bed Yet?," fruitcake sales, Halloween candy sales and Softball;
  • Cub Scout troops were active and featured a pine wood derby;
  • Grade school basketball, 1978 CYO Champs;
  • High School home coming parades, music and drama productions and an ever changing administration;
  • Mrs. Cooney, Mrs. Rogers, Miss Rodgers, Mrs. Zang, Elaine O'Neil, Sr. Mary Techiman.


  • Joe Abdou awards in the grade school;
  • Dottie Lane and her band of "fanny socker" players in the gym that now bears her name;
  • "Big" families like the Franklins, the Distelrath, the Vogels, Collins, Irvins, Organs and the Andres;
  • A family of beautiful and caring priests Fr. Dick Kelly, Larry Kaiser, Ed Haggerty, Ron DeHondt, Ron Williams, Tyrone Robinson;
  • Young deacons like Jerry Cupples, Jim Stokes;
  • Guitar masses in the AP Room;
  • Dick Kelly in his sandals;
  • the credit union;
  • Music director Sr. Eileen Houlikan, Mary Beth Manning, Bob Barnhardt & Pat Macouska.


  • Mother's Club luncheons at the Snow White Restaurant;
  • Breakfast at Cregars;
  • The Kelly House becoming the Emaus House and then the Jesuit Residence;
  • Parish Photo Albums;
  • the controversy over girls being permitted to wear slacks to school;
  • the bigger controversy to allow girls on the altar;
  • home masses;
  • Fr. Nick and his print shop;
  • M.O.S. closing;
  • Mgsr. Hickey's 90th birthday at the Historical Museum;

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